Monday, February 2, 2009

To emigrate, or not to emigrate: that is the question.

The Eastern Express recently carried a story, India welcomes SA's professionals: Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, architects need only prove their forefathers' origins in its 30 January 2009 edition. The question is: how many South African Indians would consider migrating to their land of origin?

Indiafrican, a blog initiated to create dialogue amongst Indians in Africa, is interested in exactly this. If you're a South African Indian, we'd like to hear from you. Please fill out the short Emigration Survey below and email it to by no later than Friday, 13 March 2009.

Emigration Survey 2009

1. Your Age _______________
2. Your Gender _______________
3. Your profession ____________________________
4. Place of residence (suburb and city)
5. Have you ever been to India? Yes/No _______ If yes, what was the reason for your visit? (for example: work, vacation, I was born there) Please include the duration of your stay in India, for example: family vacation, 10-20 December 2007) _____________________________________________________________________________________
6. Would you consider migrating to India? Yes/No _______ Why/ why not? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
7. If you were to migrate to India, would you:
7.1 stay there temporarily, or permanently? _____________________
7.2 go there alone, or with family? _____________________________
8. What are your views of South Africa in general (in terms of its socio-economic
and political climate?
9. What are your perceptions of India?
10. Do you consider your homeland to be South Africa or India? ______________________